10000 Steps a Day Challenge: Week One Round Up

Whew! When I decided on a whim to walk 10000 steps a day I was expecting some of the things that happened. Sure, It’s got me out walking and exploring more, which is the aim, but it also means I can’t have a lazy day (or evening) spent working on my blog. (Ok, ok, watching trashy movies on Netflix). I have been surprised to find myself with more energy, I suspect walking more has got my heart pumping more, and when the sun is shining I want to get out and explore, The 10000 steps a day challenge forces me to do it, but I hope it’s something I keep wanting to do come October. So, how did my first week go? Well, there were some ups and downs, but I mostly succeeded in reaching my goal!

Day 1

Firstly, I am very lucky that I have been doing about 5000 steps on an average day at work, which makes it easier to achieve my daily goal, which makes it a lot easier. Back home I used to walk to work, and probably achieved a fair chunk every day. Here I drive, so it’s good to know that I’m still getting a fair amount of movement in at work.

The even

ing however, was less great. Mostly because it was chucking it down with rain, and showed no signs of stopping. After procrastinating at home for a bit, and slightly regretting taking on this challenge, I did head on out to the nearby McEwan Park for a rather quick walk. Turns out getting those extra 5000 steps takes a while. I was wet, it was getting dark, and the usually beautiful views I would have expected across the bay were hidden in a blanket of grey. I was less than impressed.


Not quite the result I’d hoped, but nearly there. I considered walking around in circles at home to make it up, but decided that was a bit pointless. Still, I did go out for a walk, to somewhere I hadn’t been before, and *nearly* did it. Not too bad, all things considered.

McEwan Park

McEwan Park

Day 2

Rainy again (funny how the 10000 steps a day challenge has made me think about the weather so much more, and I’m a Brit, we use casual small talk about the weather all the time!) Luckily for me, on Wednesday evenings I go to a Dance Fit class, so I figured that would count for the rest, it sure involves a lot of jumping around, stepping, and grapevines! Unfortunately I don’t have anywhere safe to put my phone (no pockets) so couldn’t count the steps during the class, hence the low step count, but I was active, which is a big part of the reasons why I’m walking 10000 steps a day.

STEP COUNT: 5129 + exercise class

Day 3

I put in a bit more effort, it was raining which helped, and headed to Petone Beach for an evening stroll. It was a nice evening, and I enjoyed wandering along the shore. I even took a plastic bag and did some litter picking along the shoreline, I was actually really surprised by how much I filled it during my stroll, on a beach that looks pretty clean! So not only did I achieve my 10000 step count, I also helped the environment which was really satisfying, and saw a lovely sunset. I suspect this may become a weekly occurrence, and I will try and take a bag with me for litter picking when I go, it’s something I always think I should do when I find myself at the beach, and something that if more people did, our beaches would be way cleaner, and the marine and coastal wildlife much healthier and better for it.


Petone Beach

Petone Beach

Day 4

Work had given us the day off as an ‘appreciation day’. Great I thought, it’d be easy to reach my goal. Turns out I was wrong. The trouble is, I had a lie in (it was great not getting up until about 8am, I’ve normally done at least an  hours work by then! Then I got distracted on my laptop with my blog…reading blogs… and generally just staying in. Once again the Spring weather provided it’s typical rainy morning. By mid afternnon my plans of going to Te Papa, probably the most popular museum in Wellington well and truly on hold. In the early evening, having left it a bit late really, I dragged myself out to Belmont Park and did a 1hr walk around Koroko Dam. The walk was actually really pleasant, I wandered amongst Native Bush listening to Tui’s and other native birds making their evening calls. The dam was rather small, more of a weir really, but hey, this is New Zealand and there is fewer things like that around. I enjoyed the walk, but it wasn’t long enough. With darkness starting to fall and my stomach growling I returned home dejectedly. At least I now knew that 5000 steps = 1hr walking. I was disappointed that on my first work free day I failed to reach my target, things weren’t looking good and I needed a comeback.


Koroko Dam Walk

Koroko Dam Walk

Day 5

Wellington Food Show was this weekend, so my friend Hannah (you may remember her from Christmas in July and First time Skiing escapades) and I made an appearance. We’d heard it gets really busy, so we arrived just after 10 when it opened it doors. we wasted no time in meandering along the stalls, sampling tasty cheeses, interesting sausages, delicious wines and even some tangy limencello. There was plenty to try, and all in all we had a great time sampling the various delights on offer. We watched some cookery demonstrations for a sit down and a break before going on another round. We entered competitions, bumped into other friends, tried more food and wines, and irish whisky bought a few things, and had a great day. One of the competitions even came to fruition, I was shocked and delighted when my name was the first one called! People actually win things in New Zealand! I was chuffed and now have a voucher for an Intrepid Travel Food Adventure Tour, so if you’ve been any please let me know your thoughts/ recommendations!

After all the excitement and samples we were pretty worn out, so we had a relaxing drink on the harbour in the sun before saying goodbye, and I headed to get the train home (this added a few 1000 steps to my count). I had a great day out, and my highest step count yet! Needless to say I was pretty chuffed, and pleased to be back on track!


Day 6

In the morning I went for Brunch with a meetup.com group I’m a member of. The brunch was tasty, the company fantastic, and I had a great time. I didn’t do many steps though. Luckily for me that afternoon I met up with my friend Ash, and we had a lovely stroll along Petone Beach chatting about all sorts, before having a refreshing coffee with fantastic beach views. The afternoon passed quickly and without realising it my step count just kept increasing. While I’m happy to walk alone to achieve my goal, this weekend has proved that going with friends is even better, and something I should incorporate more, especially as it’s an easy, free way of socialising and catching up with friends!


Petone Beach

Petone Beach

Day 7

Back at work, and once again piling up the steps without thinking about it. I appreciate having a lab job, where I have to walk around, all over again. It sure beats sitting in an office all day, I like having to walk at work, even if it rains. Monday Evening I went to an exercise class, this week we did 3 lots of 2min runs as part of it. Turns out, I can run well for about 30s then start flagging! (maybe the push ups and squat jumps didn’t help) Again, I didn’t have my phone with me to measure my steps, but I did a fair few at work so I’m pretty sure I reached my goal again, and I’m determined to keep smashing it now!

STEP COUNT: 8056 + exercise class



7 thoughts on “10000 Steps a Day Challenge: Week One Round Up

  1. Ever since you started your challenge I have downloaded an app and been tracking my steps too! It’s funny how some days you don’t think you have walked that much but you secretly have but not noticed because you are so engrossed in the place/scenery. It will be a definite challenge while I am on the Trans Siberian to walk more than a few hundred steps a day, I think :S

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s great Laura, it’s really interesting to see how many you do, especially on a hike. My current best is over 20000 but it’s been rainy recently which has made it tough. Doing it on the Trans Siberia will be tough, but it’ll be an amazing experience too! 🙂


      • You also start to notice how ‘walkable’ a city is. We did over 18,000 steps yesterday in St Petersburg because there is so much to see and it is very walking friendly (and had a giant flea market I had to explore), but I remember San Antonio didn’t even have sidewalks so I had to walk in the gutter!! I hope more cities become walking friendly as they grow. How are you finding them in New Zealand?


      • That’s certainly true! New Zealand is a very walkable place, in fact most of the time its as quick/easy to walk, especially if you live and work fairly close together. Pedestrian crossings and pavements make a big difference! I’d find it really strange to be somewhere that doesn’t have them, (especially on a busy street!) Walking in the gutter is a long way from being ideal, it’s no wonder then that everyone drives.


      • I have kept records since the 1970s when I ran marathons
        now at 69 I count
        “overs” in increments of 1000 and like 11000 12000 etc
        and “streaks” of more than ;5 days. So at month’s end I have
        A fraction 28/3 days on over days off
        Overs & streaks are whole numbers

        I have always hoarded miles now steps with more concern than for my bank balance.

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