Why being fluent in every language in the world is my super hero power of choice

Everyone has a favourite superhero, be it the classic superman, geeky spiderman, cool batman, kick ass catwoman, or even Hercules. How many conversations have you had about whether it would be better to fly, free time, be incredibly strong or (insert your favourite power here). After watching Charmed I though that freezing time would be pretty cool, you could stop so many things from happening, or just catch up on all those little tasks. But my superhero power of choice isn’t one of the common ones. Some people may even think it’s boring, but I think it would be incredible. My superhero power of choice is to be fluent in every language in the world.

Superheroes! :)

Superheroes! 🙂


it would be possible to communicate with every single person on Planet Earth, and that would be pretty amazing. It would be possible to find out everything you wanted about other cultures and their way of life, all you’d have to do is ask. Things wouldn’t get lost in translation, you would understand perfectly. From a local in any culture you could learn about local etiquette, local livelihoods, and really have an in depth conversation.

You could learn about issues between different countries and understand them better by being fluent. As an outsider, it could be easier to give unbiased advice on issues as you understand each language, and therefore could understand each culture, equally. You could use the power politically to help smooth over problems and potentially speed up agreements as opinions from one country wouldn’t need to be translated into another language for that to happen, when valuable information may lose the emphasis or meaning.

It would be impossible to feel isolated. sometimes, especially traveling in a foreign country, it’s easy to feel isolated, whether it’s because you don’t understand what the locals on the seat behind you are chatting about while on the bus, or if you end up staying in a hostel where it seems everyone else is from one country, and all are speaking in their native tounge. You won’t need to ask for an English guide on a tour, whether its a guided walk or in a museum or and adventure activity. If you want to socialise and there are people around, you will always be able to have a conversation with them.

My Spanish class.

My Spanish class.

You could teach people any language they wanted. In a time when teaching english as a foreign language (TEFL) is a popular way for many native english speakers to live and work for a year in a foreign country, this is an invaluable skill. You could go anywhere, teach any language, and understand and interact with the locals perfectly. It would open up so many traveling opportunities.

Then again, teleportation would be pretty fabulous too!

8 thoughts on “Why being fluent in every language in the world is my super hero power of choice

  1. Speaking fluently three languages myself (French is my first language) and being in love with the dynamics and socicultural references each language has of its own, I totally agree with you! How amazing it would be to communicate and share ideas with locals without getting them lost in translation (although sometimes, when not lost in translation, they get lost in cultural gaps… but that is another story!) As you said, English is a blessing because it is internationally recognized as the “international” language, but also a curse because it encourages some sort of laziness in learning other languages 😛
    Love that post,


    • It’s good to know someone much closer to achieving it than me would still love to be fluent in every language in the world (or maybe it’s because of it!) It’s interesting when there are word gaps for things that exist in one language and not another, I was finding the dynamics of it all really interesting when I was learning Spanish…I really should make some time to practice!


    • that’s true, there’s something very exotic about foreign languages, i find myself listening to foreign music sometimes because I like the way it sounds, although I can’t understand a word and make them up in my head!


    • Wow! 10 languages is really impressive! I wonder what their secret is. I think native English speakers are generally pretty bad when it comes to languages, It’s both a curse and a blessing to be one, it makes travel easier, but it also means we miss out sometimes too.

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