When to Revisit Travel Destinations

In reality, most travellers rarely to return to a destination. it’s a sad truth but comes as no surprise given the vastness of the world. If money was no object 10 lifetimes would not be enough to visit everyplace and experience everything on Earth, so it’s natural to pick and choose places because they appeal to us, they fit the budget and the type of vacation, be it backpacking, an all-frills luxury holiday, and everything in between. We go to beach destinations for sun sand and relaxation, skiing destinations for snow filled action, cities to absorb culture and countryside to discover the great outdoors. Visiting new places opens your eyes, broadens your mind, teaches you new things and gives you great experiences, but sometimes, it’s good to go back and revisit a place.


I would love to revisit Guatemala because I missed out on seeing certain areas, Rio Dulce, Livingstone anyone? Guatemala is so different to anywhere else I’ve visited, the culture was interesting, the traditional Mayan clothing was more colourful than anything in the Western world, The people are friendly and happy, and the scenery simply breathtaking. Revisiting would be fabulous, especialy if I could meet up with my host family and Spanish teacher again. While it’s not likely I will revisit any time soon, it would be brilliant to return in 10, 15 or even 30 years to see how it has changed, (and to visit the area’s I didn’t get to before.


My parents had this experience when they re-visited New Zealand, a country they loved, after 30years. Finally they enjoyed Fiordland, both with the exhausting Kepler Track and a more relaxing, but rather windy cruise on Doubtful Sound. They were shocked at how much Fox Glacier had retreated, and at how much more touristy New Zealand was, but they still loved it.


I would love to revisit Auckland because, despite staying there twice and passing through twice more, I haven’t done the city justice. It’s in part because I’m not really a city person, I love the great outdoors and that’s why I came to New Zealand. Mostly it’s because when I first arrived I was tired from traveling in Central America, and was in a state of reverse culture shock at the sight of seeing shiny skyscrapers, busy streets and all the modernity of Auckland, a stark contrast to everything I’d experienced in the previous 4 1/2months. I wasn’t ready to embrace it, I needed quiet towns to absorb western society again.

Auckland at Night

Auckland at Night

I have just written a post about discovering Auckland’s culture, explore volcanoes and savour it’s wine in 2 days, and during my research I have been re-inspired to spend some time exploring Auckland, I would certainly enjoy a wine tour and visiting the volcanic islands!

I have revisited certain destinations in New Zealand because I’ve been there with different people, and even knowning just how blue Lake Pukaki is didn’t stop my amazement, because revisting with others allowed me to experience the beauty through their eyes. Exploring a country with others and showing them some of my favourite places was fabulous.


I possibly should revisit Costa Rica. Admitedly I was underwhelmed by it, which means it’s low down on my list of destinations to return to, but which is also a good reason to give it another go.

I was underwhelmed for various reasons; I was traveling solo when my travel partner returned home. I was loney, but felt unsociable. I was tired after 4 months in Central America. It was very touristy, (by which I mean lots of wealthy holiday makers predominately from the US boosting tour prices and making it hard to visit anywhere more independently). I met fewer backpackers. It was rainy season, and colder.


There are lots of beautiful places to visit, and I had a great time white water rafting for the first time, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me then.

Which destinations would you re-visit, and why?

6 thoughts on “When to Revisit Travel Destinations

  1. I know it’s time to return to a destination when I realize it’s been too long that I haven’t seen certain people. I lived in Japan from October 2003 to November 2004 and July 2008 to August 2010 – but I haven’t been to the Land of the Rising Sun since then. In addition, it’s just a feeling when I know it’s time to return to a certain destination. Mentally, I just feel it’s time to return to Japan because the country has a special place in my heart. .

    I would also like to return to France because there are some areas of the country I would like to see – and see more friends again.


    • Seeing friends is a brilliant reason to revisit a country, and it probably means you do less of the really touristy stuff and more of the general every day stuff, which is probably a much better way of absorbing the culture. It definitely sounds like Japan in in your heart! Hopefully I’ll get there too one day! 🙂


  2. You know, I was just thinking about this yesterday. There are a few places I have visited multiple times, and I was thinking how I would have covered more destinations if I had not visited those places over and over again. For instance, I have visited Thailand three times! and my fourth will be in December. I have visited Goa 8 times and the 9th will be in October.
    Sometimes it’s good to go back 🙂


    • There’s obviously a reason why you keep going back! If you were constantly disappointed you would avoid those places, but they are obviously right for you! I think sometimes travel becomes all about new places and new experiences, which are fantastic, but sometimes it’s just as good (if not better) to go back to places you love! 🙂


  3. Nice post! I would like to revisit Greece because I loved it so much and I have the feeling I could see even more!
    There is also other country that I wish I could have spent more time in. The world is too big!


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